High School

A student’s High School years are a time of growth, including excitement, frustration, disappointment, and hope. It is often during this period when students begin deciding what they will do with their lives as they evaluate their skills and abilities. They are searching to belong and rely heavily on peer acceptance and feedback. High school is a time in which students will make concrete plans about college and careers. During this time, they need Christian guidance to make concrete decisions during these important formative years. It is imperative that your child to have a disciplined, loving Christ-centered school environment to complement your home.

HCA offers a strong college preparatory curriculum that includes a dual credit option in select courses. We strive to make sure that the basics are mastered as our students prepare for college. Students have the ability to take several electives along with their core program.

Bible Math English Science
Literature Speech Music Technology
Home Economics Foreign Language Physical Education Health

Most of our students enroll with the understanding that they are entering a program of courses that will prepare them for college. We offer a strong core of classes supplemented with electives to develop a well-rounded student. Electives include foreign language, art and photography, music, speech, drama, choir, and band. We strive to present a Christian worldview in all of our classes, both core and elective.

Over 95% of our graduates pursue college degrees. To assist families in the college selection process, we take a college tour every other year. Colleges that we visit include Bob Jones University, Pensacola Christian College, Maranatha Baptist University. We also have college representatives come to our campus to introduce our students to their institutions.