Junior High

It is often said that the Junior High years are the toughest years of a child’s life. At HCA, it is our aim and our experience that Junior High can be a fantastic time of social and personal growth in faith, hope and love, as well as academic growth.

Our Junior High program is based on the belief that students at these ages need both a strong academic foundation and trusted relationship with caring Christian educators, who can help and support them in their transition from elementary to high school and beyond.

HCA educators understand that these transitional years are all part of God’s plan in helping students grow into the men and women they will one day become. From electives designed for students to explore their God given talents to the core academic classes of Science, English, Math, Social Studies, Computer and Bible, students have the opportunity to mature and progress in a safe and caring environment.

Because a student’s future is dependent upon the training and guidance given during these years, a Bible-based education is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a young teenager. Some decisions made in junior high will affect the rest of their lives.

HCA’s goal for junior high students is to prepare them for high school and beyond and to develop their interest and talents to be used for and by God. Junior High years can be a delightful and fun time for students and a blessing to their parents.

Junior High classes prepare students for high school. Our junior high curriculum includes the following areas:

Bible Math English Speech
Science History Music Computers
Home Economics Foreign Language Physical Education Keyboarding