Our Vision

To be the school of choice, balancing exceptional academics with a Christian worldview as students prepare for a life of service for the Lord Jesus Christ, both spiritually and professionally.

Our Mission

To partner with parents in educating and training students to love learning, to develop their God-given talents, and to honor our Biblical heritage.

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    HCA strongly adheres to the Bible as the infallible Word of God and for direction it provides to the lives of our parents, administration, faculty and students.

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    Christ Centered

    HCA strives to be Christ centered in all aspects of the learning environment through thought, word, and action.

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    Spiritual Growth

    HCA desires that every student embrace the welcoming love of Jesus Christ and advance their spiritual growth through dynamically integrated curricula, programs and activities.

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    HCA strives for exemplary life styles among faculty and students reflective of Christian ethical behavior with accountability to Christ, each other and our community.

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    HCA endeavors to create an environment of generosity and compassion that is responsive to the needs of those we serve.

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    Global Outreach

    HCA values presenting the message of Jesus Christ to all the world, while living as trustworthy and accountable stewards within God’s creation.

What does this mean? HCA exists to assist parents by providing a quality, Christian education with a solidly Christian worldview. It is our desire to provide our students a place where they can receive the training, education, character development, and encouragement that they need as they continue to grow and mature. It is our desire to be a help to the parents of our students, to assist them in fulfilling God’s plan for their family.